Offline Gambling: Why Do People Gamble Online?

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In order to understand why people gamble online, it is important to first understand online gambling itself. This can be done through finding similarities between the various forms of online gambling, which can help to define the appeal of online gambling. Furthermore, the differences and similarities of online gambling and offline gambling should also be examined. Due to the fact that those similarities and difference can tell how much these forms of gambling are related. This can be done by looking at what gambling ‘affords’ to its users, and seeing which utility gambling provides for an individual user. Gibson (1986) tried to explain how animals were perceiving their environments. He argued that animals perceived not what an object is, they perceive ways to make use of the object’s utility. He called such perceptions…show more content…
(2016), we can note that rewards uncertainty is not a feature of gambling. It is the anticipation of winning a reward. Thus, it is not the reward itself nor the features which are implemented to play the gambling game. Reward uncertainty is not the outcome of gambling games. For example, an outcome of a gambling game can be money. However, the uncertainty reward is present when you either win or lose money. It is the anticipation of winning a reward and is not the outcome of a game. Reward uncertainty varies across different forms of gambling. For example, when playing slot machines there is a high reward uncertainty. Each spin could earn a reward. However, games like poker can have a lower reward uncertainty. Poker consists of skill and luck. In some games there is less uncertainty that you win a reward, because you know that you will win the game. Finally, there are also gambling games (e.g. loot boxes) which always have a reward. It is just uncertain which reward you will gain. The conclusion can be made that reward uncertainty is the first affordance of

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