Offred Sexual Violence Quotes

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One of the motifs that are seen throughout the whole book is sexual violence, Sexual violence in the book is not something that is very vulgar and violent, but very harsh and unacceptable. But Is forced intercourse justified because they are trying to populate? Should that be considered decent and nonviolent. As I have said before Offred tells the reader about her sexual experiences with Luke, nick, and the commander. She uses harsh detail and words to describe her feelings toward the situation. There is also a tone of sorrow and defeat in her words that makes the readers feel the pain she is feeling and disgust towards the commander. She displayed these emotions through her choice of words and the way she describes the acts. Even though the sex between her and the commander is not violent in any way, but subtle and quiet, the intensions and her position is violent.…show more content…
Sex should be personal, loving and mutual, she once had this with Luke and she looks back to it with such envy and longing, this only adds up the tension we feel when she is with the commander. Women all around the world are forced into some sort of sexual act, and in order to survive, they must comply with the rules set in front of them. Does this not remind you of the book? Sex trafficking is a very serious issue in the world today, and in the handmaids tale, the handmaids sound like future sex slaves in a time when sex is meaningless and forced to
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