Oh Brother Where Art Thou Character Analysis

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“Oh Brother Where Art Thou”, released October 19th 2000 is a Crime/Adventure film filled with some action and lots of song. The adventure in the film is led by Ulysses Everett McGill, a man of many words and some excellent hair. He goes through many rough and tough situations in order to find the “treasure” he seeks throughout the movie. Separated from his wife because he has little funds, him and his friends Pete Hogwallop, Tommy Johnson, and Delmar O'Donnel find money in the music industry as the “Soggy Bottom Boys” creating hits during their adventures. Everett uses his words and wit in order to get through anything he can. Overall him and his friends meet many new people and come across many problems, but Everett solves most through his many interesting traits and qualities.

Through the movie we see many characteristics that help him get through most sticky situations, first being how clever he is through word and action. When I say through word and action I mean that Everett is also quick to act on his smart yet risky ideas. His cleverness through action showed when he cut the burning cross’ stand to drop on the KKK members in their dire situation. His cleverness in action shows in certain situations and so
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And in order to go through with his plans in his group he needs to lead them in the right path. Even though Everett confesses that there is no treasure his key characteristics helped back him up in his reasoning for them to stay. Everett’s characteristics of cleverness, calmness, and persuasion all help him and the Soggy Bottom Boys to succeed and get through all types of situations. Those three characteristics is what makes Everett such a great leader and make him the person he is, along with his hair obsession and somewhat flowery language. He takes pride in what he has and is the most important character in “Oh Brother Where Art
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