Oh, My God: A Short Story

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Oh, my God. Oh, my God.Jesus! This can’t be happening … There it was the Neon pink purse that I wanted for years staring right at me with its gold buckles and zippers. I just stood there with my hands to the side and with, my mouth open thinking about how I’m going to get this purse. One side is saying“ Faith you need this purse” “ So get it now you have birthday money”. The other side is saying “ you have to save this money for important uses only”. After debating I finally got myself together to buy the purse..when I bought the purse I felt a sense of happiness for a little bit then it faded away into the back of my mind. When I got home I put the purse in my room and left it there till I needed it. Then I went to the bathroom to settled…show more content…
I started to daydream off about how I got my mom nothing for her birthday. “ Faith. Faith is you here’ My sister called out to me. I suddenly came back to earth and answer with a “huh”. When I looked around I saw everybody done sharing gifts then it was my turn. My heart was beating so fast that it could burst at any moment. I looked around to see if anyone just like me didn't give her a gift and to find out I was the only one. Then those emotions turned into something new it was filled with comments such as “ I need a job” “ I need to grow up” “ How can you not care about your mom”. Throughout the whole party, I felt those emotions and I zone out for the rest of the party. After the party was over I went to my room as I lay down on my mold, shape, compress softness. I looked around and what caught my eye was the neon pink purse it was still wrapped up in its bag just liked the lipgloss.I felt immense pain on how I bought those things and never used it. I could had used that money on my mom for her birthday but I was caught up in my greediness... to feed my greediness I see that materialistic things are my lifeforce for the greediness inside
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