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The question being asked is, what is hell like. Lewis describes it as a gray town, but there 's more too it. Hell is not the fiery pits that we all imagined it 's deeper than that. In hell you are basically nothing. You are a ghost, nothing is solid, you can imagine practically anything you want. The only thing is you have no solidity therefore you don 't need food or anything else to survive, therefore you don 't have to rely on others for anything, as stated, “It’s scarcity that enables society to exist." People get in arguments and quarrels and move away from one another constantly because they can simply imagine a new house and it exist. Not at all," said my neighbour. "The trouble is that they 're so quarrelsome. As soon as anyone arrives he settles in some street. Before he 's been there twenty-four hours he quarrels with his neighbour. Before the week is over he 's quarreled so badly that he decides to move. Very like he finds the next street empty because all the people…show more content…
The ones who chose to stay must make it up the mountain. As it hurts for them to walk on grass they must continue there journey. As walking out this pain will basically solidify the and make them whole as they are ridding their sins and the bad in their life. I believe the way Lewis describes heaven and hell is extremely valid. It gives you and understanding that we can relate too and allows you too look at things from a different perspective. Allows you to get a more literal sense of the terms. As hell isn 't fiery pits that one imagines just the simple fact of being disconnected from a God. This will greatly affect the way I view things. It 's gives me a more realistic look on heaven. Being connected with God fully sounds like a wonderful place to be. The ability to be happy, help others and inquire for any question you could possibly have is a great thing. Lewis portrayal of heaven and hell is most likely how I will view them for the coming of my days unless a better
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