Oh The Places You Ll Go Analysis

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Dr. Seuss can be compared to a familiar play writer, William Shakespeare who wrote countless plays during his time. Shakespeare’s plays were written in his own conventional style that was trending when he was first introduced. During William Shakespeare’s life time, upper class citizens mainly spoke Latin and French which was considered classy. English was a form of language that everybody spoke but was not preferred. Shakespeare was very innovative because he successfully collaborated the English language with his own free flow writing style that made his use of English very beautiful. The use of English with unique word usage is the key that separated William Shakespeare from other play writers. Shakespeare’s use of English words is a main reason how he was successful in attracting the attention of crowds during his plays. The English language has been advanced since William Shakespeare wrote plays because he introduced up to 1,700 original words into the English language. Dr. Seuss can be compared to Shakespeare because Dr. Seuss also made up many different words that set him apart from other children book authors. Even though many words that Dr. Seuss made up were absurd, he loved to entertain his…show more content…
The message intended for children is the endless possibilities of the places that children can end up going to when they are old enough. People are in control of their own destiny and they must take advantage of it to receive the full value of all the options of places they will go. In Oh, The Places You’ll Go Seuss also describes the vast space that is out in the world to explore and find your own space to settle in. The reason Seuss encourages readers to go out and find their own solitude is because of the peacefulness it brings to readers body and minds once they are free from human construction ("The Michigan
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