Ohio State Academy Benefits

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I personally believe that the Ohio State Academy would be a tremendous opportunity for me. I see the Academy as a way to get accustomed to the rigor of college, as well as an opportunity to push myself academically. It would allow me to graduate from college quicker, which would enable post-graduate studies to be a more feasible option. Rather then continuing to be held back in my education, the Ohio State Academy would let me excel past high school curriculum. Another major advantage of this post-secondary program is the, although counter-intuitive, ability to be more involved in my high school extracurricular activities. This is because of the nature of a college schedule, rather than a standard seven hour, five days a week schedule of high school, the college schedule would be more flexible as there is less lecture time in college and more independent studying.…show more content…
An issue that could arise is a major adjustment in my study habits. Currently, my study habits may not be disciplined enough to achieve the grades I desire on a college level. Although this awakening might be harsh, it would force me to develop proper habits, preparing me for college two years in advance. Although the preparation that the Ohio State Academy would grant me is a strong reason to attend, the primary reason for my application is its intrinsic value. Although my high school offers a solid catalog of AP or CCP courses, the classes offered do not allow me to further my education in my fields of interest. For instance, I am potentially interested in pursuing political science as my major. My high school does not offer the wide assortment of classes offered at The Ohio State University. In conclusion, although there were potential difficulties in participating in the Academy, the downsides are negligible in comparison to the sheer value of this opportunity, monetarily and
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