Ohv Slaim Synagogue During Passover

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As the United States continues to grow we become a more diverse society. One thing that makes the United States so diverse is the amount of religions that groups of people believe in. Growing up in central Pennsylvania, there is very little diversity in my town, however a lot of people believe in different religions. To learn a little more about a religion, that I was very unfamiliar with, I attended a Ohev Shalam Synagogue during Passover. The experience and knowledge I gained from this event is something that I remember forever. When I first got to the Synagogue, the Rabbi and his wife welcomed with me with open arms. They started explaining certain things that they do and why they do it. When we walked into the room where we would attend the service I noticed the seating was different. The seating in this Synagogue was sorted into three sections mixed, woman only, and men only. I sat in the woman areas section, because I have never been segregated during a church service before. After we took out seats, we started discussing the bible, which to them is called the Torah. They read the…show more content…
We went to large open room and sat at the table with the Rabbi and his wife. We all took turns reading a book, where we reread the story of “Exodus from Egypt”. During this story, we took breaks to wash our hands, eat different foods, such as parsley dipped in salt water, and drinking wine. The Seder plate held six items that included maror (a bitter herd), Charoset (a mixture of raisins and fruits), Karpas (a vegetable), Zeroa (an animal bone), Beitzah (a roasted hard boil egg), and Matzot (bread). After trying all this food, the only thing, I enjoyed was the Charoset. Once we finished half of the story we got to eat more food. They brought out fish with celery, and the fish was so awful I could not eat it. Sadly, after the fish came out, I had to leave due to it getting late out and having other work to
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