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BIOGRAPHY A.C.A.B is an Oi! band from Kuala Lumpur. They were one of the very first Malaysian skinhead bands, formed in 1994 by Megat 'Magskin ' Hafiz and Edy J Herwan. The band was later joined by other three members; Anas on guitar, Sham on bass and Black on drums. In 1995, they recorded a Demo titled ‘A.C.A.B’, released by their own label, Bovver Brigade Records. It was distributed independently and sold over 500 copies without any proper promotion. They performed their first gig at Dynasty Night Club, Ipoh in the same year. The following demo, ‘Unite & Fight’, which sold nearly 2000 copies, was released in 1995. During the recording process, Anas and Black left the band, and was replaced by Zul. Following up on the demo, the band played…show more content…
Internal problems in A.C.A.B caused a line-up changed once again. Zul left the band in 1997 and the drummer position was replaced by Edy J Herwan himself. The band continued as a trio. Megat, Edy J & Sham, recorded A.C.A.B’s first single ‘We Are The Skins’ and debut studio album ‘Eastern Oi!’ in 1997/1998. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the band had to arrange an outside distribution to release both ‘Eastern Oi!’ & ‘We Are The Skins’. Toughest decision has been made; the masters and copyrights were sold to Strange Culture Records (SRC). The band released ‘We Are The Skins’ in 1998, and ‘Eastern Oi!’ the following year. In a short period of time, ‘Eastern Oi’ sold over 10,000 copies. A.C.A.B had built a devoted fan base. However, successful gigs and album sales could not solve the band’s internal problems. Edy and Sham decided to leave to band due to personal dissatisfaction. Edy continued his musical careers by forming his own band, Gerhana Skacinta. With perseverance and passion, Megat continued the struggle alone. He expressed his emotions of bitterness & frustration through his song titled Rintangan Hidup Dunia. It was included in a compilation album, ‘Tribute To Rusty Blade’, which was released in

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