Oil Drill Pros And Cons Essay

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In the United States, there are several states that, if drilled in for oil, would prove beneficial to the U.S. The one problem being, we don’t drill in these areas, but why is that? There are several pros and cons that come with drilling for oil. Let’s start with the cons. Pollution is a large and obvious problem when drilling for oil. Drilling gives off air pollution as well as carbon discharges--this is very bad for the environment. Another con is the possibility of an environmental hazard such as an oil spill. Oil spills can cause harm to people in the area, the environment itself, and marine life (GreenGarage). Along with those problems, due to an oil spill, there is also the increased possibility of a fire, and/or explosion. This can also affect lives of the underwater wildlife. The last con I am going to present in this paper is the risk to workers in this industry. Accidents in this industry are very possible, and they do occur. They are extremely dangerous, and many people have been injured and some killed from this line of work. I have addressed some of the cons to drilling, but now it’s time for the pros. The United States is dependant on other countries to supply them with oil. These countries (in order from most oil provided to least) are Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria, Iraq, Angola, Colombia, Kuwait, and the United Kingdom (according to OilPrice). This, of course, is a…show more content…
I feel that we are much better off drilling our own oil, rather than relying on other countries for it.. I wanted to do my research paper on this topic in particular because I want to show that I believe our country could be a more efficient, more economically advanced, and far more self-sufficient if we were to drill our own oil instead of leaning on other countries for that
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