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The oil industry is a really important industry for Middle East countries. However, now they are facing very critical situation because of the recent low oil prices. Few years ago, the oil price was over $100 per barrels, but the recent price is around $45 per barrels. Once oil price became $30 per barrels. Price became half in few years. This has a huge impact on the oil industry. This impact is not only for oil producing country but also for companies that are related to the oil industry. So they have to change their business plan and government policy. During this fieldwork, I learned a lot about each company's business activities, situations that they have to face with and their future plan by visiting companies. Each company struggled…show more content…
Before participating this program, I never imagined that I wanted to work for the oil industry. Yet, by hearing a story about doing oil business, I have had an interest in working in the oil industry. There are plenty of reasons why I thought so. But I have two main reasons. The one reason is impact on society. The size of one project is really big. To start one project, infrastructure is necessary. If there are no infrastructures, we have to start from infrastructure construct. New employment is created by constructing infrastructure and facilities. If the area where the new project will start is a poor area, the impact will become huge that we expect. We cannot assume the size of impact that is brought by one project. Some countries, like UAE, Qatar, and other Middle East Countries became a really rich country by oil revenues so-called oil money. So we can help people to get out of poverty and harsh situation by starting only one new project. Oil development is one good reason to make a better…show more content…
We cannot live without resources, especially oil. Oil is used for heating, car, making chemical products. Almost of all things are using oil or related oil. Thus, oil is essential for our live. We are living our life by highly depending oil. If oil will vanish from the earth, we may not be able to live like we are doing now. So, I think, finding a new oil field and develop this is our obligation. Especially for Japan, we don't have any resources. We have to do resource development in another country. When we do development as an operator, we can deliver resources for Japan with stability. Stable energy supply for Japan is a crucial thing for the Japanese government and to doing business for a Japanese company. I think working for the oil industry is we support people's live. It is very important thing for

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