Oil Paints Vs Watercolor

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The Choice of Mediums: Oil Paint vs. Watercolor Paint

There are many ways to make art, and painting has been an influential part of art history since the beginning of human existence. Paintings have been a very important part of geologists and scientists understanding early civilization, as some cave paintings can date back over 40,000 years! Although painting has been around since the earliest civilizations, oil paint and watercolor paint are the most popular mediums to use when making a piece of artwork. Both oil paint and watercolor paint have been used for centuries to depict beautiful artworks with different styles. They both can be used to create beautiful masterpieces, but what makes them so different?

These two forms of painting have both been very influential in the making of art. It is believed that watercolor painting is the oldest form of painting, dating back to cave paintings. However, they have been used continuously since the Renaissance Era. Oil paintings have been used since the fifth century by Chinese and Indian painters, but like watercolors, oil paints became popular by virtually all painters in the fifteenth century. The overwhelming popularity of oil paint in the Renaissance marked their place in history. The main difference between oil and watercolor is what they are made with. All paint is made with pure, powdered pigment. However, oil paint uses oil as the binding substance for the pigment. With the use of oil as their base, the paint is thick
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