Oil Persuasive Speech

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Offshore drilling is a topic surrounded by controversy. While oil is, arguably, one of the most important recourses in the modern world, acquiring it is a risky procedure: oil drilling. Over the years, oil drilling has resulted in oil leaking into, and contaminating ocean water. In addition, the pursuit of oil has deterred companies from transitioning to cleaner, renewable resources. With this information, it is conclusive that offshore oil drilling is bad, and should not be practiced anymore. Did you know that in the United States alone, millions of barrels of oil are used every day? Did you know that roughly 70% of that oil goes toward transportation needs, despite the production of electric cars? Often, people state that the world is reliant on oil and cannot see life…show more content…
Well, unless Honda and Chevy decide to introduce a new line of “Flintstones cars,” the world will likely turn to electrical and solar power for its energy-powered needs. While seeing NASCAR races in smart cars may not be as fun, it will be a great thing so see society fully transition to alternative methods of energy. However, let us hope this does not occur too late! A sudden lack of oil could send a shock-wave through the planet; companies would frantically search Africa and the Middle East for oil deposits they skipped over, and the ocean would likely be drained so searching could be easier. If politicians and world leaders do not transition to alternative energy soon, it could result in the entire world shutting down. In conclusion, it has been established that oil, while harboring many positive factors, it outweighed by the negatives associated with its name. Oil is responsible for contaminating the oceans, wasting tax dollars, and contributing to global warming. Despite being a very profitable business, it is advised that companies and countries transition to alternative power methods before it is too

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