Petroleum Industry Essay

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For the petroleum industry, it is a site of intense class conflict for environmental dimensions in the twentieth century. It is also called as the fight over nature. Mexican as labour working for oil companies in 1939, they are the first major oil nationalization undertaken by a third world power. But in fact, their working condition is risked life and limb on a daily basis. Oil is flammable from extraction to consumption and the petroleum is heavy in hydrogen sulfide, a gas capable of poisoning any creature when inhale it. On the other hand, from the reading “Nature in the Oil Industry of Northern Veracruz, 1900-1938” says that people’s skin and health problems due to oil and chemicals leaked into the water. It makes the other problem which…show more content…
It mainly occurs in the ocean and rivers. There are many ways to solve oil-contaminated in technology, but from my perspective, I would say we can reduce the petroleum use, like for example cars, we sometime can walk, bike, and take public transit whenever possible instead of driving. Furthermore, coal become the major source of energy in the industrial revolution of the eighteenth century, and many steam trains, steamships, etc. become the main transportation in the industrial countries. The domestic-use need lighting, heating and cooking, and also require the use of gas. Coal is the main source of industrial and transportation energy in Western countries from the 18th to the 1950s. On the other hand, the technology of oil extraction have a great development in the early 20th century. The advantages of oil as a fuel are more than coal. Oil and its accessories began the main fuel after the 1950s. After, steam engine is replaced by the internal combustion engine. By the end of the 20th century, a large part of coal, household, industry and transport is replaced by oil, natural gas, nuclear power or renewable energy. On the other hand, the use of coal can bring the environmental problem, like chronic lung
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