Oil Pollution

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For the petroleum industry, it is a site of intense class conflict for environmental dimensions in the twentieth century. It is also called as the fight over nature. Mexican as labour working for oil companies in 1939, they are the first major oil nationalization undertaken by a third world power. But in fact, their working condition is risked life and limb on a daily basis. Oil is flammable from extraction to consumption and the petroleum is heavy in hydrogen sulfide, a gas capable of poisoning any creature when inhale it. On the other hand, from the reading “Nature in the Oil Industry of Northern Veracruz, 1900-1938” says that people’s skin and health problems due to oil and chemicals leaked into the water. It makes the other problem which is oil-contaminated fish and shellfish cannot use, and it is dangerous for people 's health to swim and bathe in polluted streams. In the reading Myrna Santiago says “oil production contributed to the contamination of the land. They have suffered more by losing the access and rights of way to their creeks and waterways. Further, the destruction and contamination of their productive resources have contributed to vast changes within the economic, political, and social structure of the community.” Oil pollution refers to the pollution caused by oil spills and emissions during the process of oil extraction, transportation, loading and unloading, processing and use. It mainly occurs in the ocean and rivers. There are many ways to solve
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