Oil Spill Literature Review

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Oil Spill and its impact: A Literature review Accidents that occurs out at sea are often followed by an oil spill, be it from marine time accidents or oilrig accidents. Oil spill have a snowball effect where the effect is tremendous and can cause heavy economical impacts (Cirer-Costa), health impacts (Aroh et al.) and environmental distresses to the ecosystem at the area. (Shultz et al.) The full impact of an oil spill cannot be access right at the point of the spill as hydrocarbons are hard to get rid of and could stay in the environment for a long time not only because of the difficulty of removal but also the ability to migrate long distant that makes it a big problem to deal with. Thus a span of a few decades are usually needed to fully access the full impact of a spill. (Schrope) One of the biggest impact that oil spill causes are the environmental footprint that are left behind. The impact is clearly percived by the damage that the oil spill has done on the corals surrounding the area. One example can be found in the case study of the deep horizon oil spill that occurred at the gulf of mexico cause by a explosion of the wellhead. Surveyors and oceanographers have spotted corpses of corals covered in slimy material just a few kilometers away from the spill. (Schrope) Corals in the area are in distress with tissue loss and increase in mucus secreations and displaying abnormal colours. (white et al.) Research have also shown that corals are now covered in a layer of

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