Oj Simpson Case

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The O.J. Simpson Case was a murder case held at the Los Angeles County Superior Court where this formal football player and actor was on trial for two counts of murder as a result of the June 1994 incident involving the death of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and one of her friend at the time. This friend was known as Ron Goldman, a restaurant waiter. Nicole Brown and O. J. Simpson, lovers that got married on February 2, 1985, after he had been retirement from playing in the NFL five years ago. They had two children, Justin Ryan Simpson and Sydney Brooke Simpson. This marriage had gone on for seven years where during this on and off love affair, Simpson had been investigated by police for domestic violence various times where he pleaded…show more content…
As time went on, Judge Kathleen Kennedy-Powell declared that there was sufficient evidence to bring O.J. to trial for both murders. District attorney Gil Garcetti recommended that file charges would be in Downtown Los Angeles rather than the scene of the crime, Santa Monica. This ended up being regarded as a highly questionable decision and very controversial due to the increase in minority representation of the jury compared to that of Santa Monica. The group that would end up making up more of the jury now would include Latinos, Blacks, Asian-Americans, and blue collar workers. After constant debate and contemplating, each side presented and provided the jury with sufficient and persuasive evidence for both sides to argue their viewpoint. In charge of the murder investigation was veteran LAPD detective Tom Lange. In 1995, O. J. Simpson’s criminal trial was aired and covered on television for a total of 134 days. The prosecution elected not to demand the death penalty and replaced it with a life sentence. Not only did Court TV televise this historic case but also included other cable and network news outlets. A prosecutor from Los Angeles County, known as Christopher Darden, argued that Simpson murdered his ex-wife in a rage filled with jealousy. The prosecution displayed its case by playing a recording of a 911 call that Nicole Brown Simpson had made on January 1, 1989. Fear was expressed from Nicole that Simpson would physically abuse her and was easily heard yelling at her in the background. The prosecution also displayed plenty of expert witnesses, on subjects starting with DNA fingerprints and ranging all the way to blood and shoeprint analysis, to justify why Simpson would be placed at the scene of the crime.
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