Oj Simpson Ethical Issues

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Even though O.J. Simpson was going to trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman, the New York Times was wrong to violate the NPPA Code of Ethics by editing and misrepresenting O.J. Simpson’s mugshot. This violation did not only affect the New York Times, but also O.J. Simpson and his family. How would you and your family feel if media was so consumed with sales, and what looks best; that they made you look guilty and like the epitome of evil?
Editor James R. Gaines, put an edited mug shot of O.J. Simpson that violated NPPA’S Code of Ethics in the June 27, 1994 edition of the New York Times. On the same day, Newsweek magazine published the original unedited photo supplied by the Los Angeles Police Department. If Newsweek
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