Oj Simpson Murder Case Essay

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The path leading to the house was lined with blood, the two dead bodies of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman laid on the floor with multiple stab wounds; leaving one to question, who did it. The O.J. Simpson murder case is a very well-known case. A famous man was accused of murdering his ex-wife out of jealousy, but was released as not guilty at the end of the trial. Many people wonder if race was a factor in the court's decision. The O.J. Simpson murder case is an extremely controversial case because of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, the evidence proving that O.J. Simpson was guilty, and the outcome of the murder case. The O.J. Simpson murder case brought in a lot of publicity and attention from many aspects that made it unlike most cases. Neighbors of the victim immediately alerted the LAPD when they found two bodies that appeared to have multiple stab wounds. The bodies were those of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron L. Goldman, a good friend of Nicole (Pellowski, 2001). Nicole Brown Simpson was married to O.J. Simpson, a famous…show more content…
Also, the beginning of the murder case was arguable and debatable as well. The possibility of O.J. Simpson's guiltiness or innocence caused many people of opposite races to become opposed to each other. The fact that the people murdered were white and Simpson was black caused chaos throughout the US of taking sides (Pellowski, 2001). During the trial, citizens of America had felt similar as they did in the beginning. Both of the juries in the O.J. Simpson trial made opposite choices. On the other hand, several people believed that the races of the juries and the suspect effected what they court would say (Pellowski, 2001). Many people still wonder about this case, if O.J. was guilty, or if he was innocent. No one really knows what to say about the decision made by the case. The O.J. Simpson murder case had separated many people among different races (Pellowski,
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