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OJ Simpson was a very achieved person player until he made one big mistake. The trial of OJ Simpson was a long stressful process to prove a star innocent or guilty of murder. This took Place in the state of California on October 3, 1995. OJ was tried for a murder crime of his ex-wife and another man. In the end OJ turned out to be not guilty of this crime. Justice was not served because in the trial OJ Simpson did not get a punishment for his said to be crime. OJ was one of the best NFL players that had been in the league at the time. OJ Simpson was a famous football player in the NFL and he had 2 wives and 3 children while one of them drowned in a pool. Linder explains how one of OJ’s children from his first marriage had been killed. “Simpson's first child of his prior marriage drowned in the Rockingham mansion pool.” (Linder, “Orenthal J. Simpson”).His central motivation was Jealousy. When His ex dated his rival he became jealous. We find out about this through Linder telling us this in his article. He says OJ’s ex wife dated his rival Marcus Allen, the running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. (Linder, “Nicole Brown Simpson”).…show more content…
Nicole Brown Simpson Was a Tall Blonde who had just graduated high school when she met OJ and then soon married him. In one of Linder’s articles he tells us about the qualities and the background of Brown Simpson. He says “Brown Simpson met O.J. Simpson soon after her graduation from high school. She was 18, he was 30.” (Linder, “Nicole Brown Simpson”). Nicole came in contact with the so called criminal, OJ Simpson, because they were once married. Linder also explains how the two did really marry. “Simpson married Nicole Brown in 1985.” (Linder, “Orenthal J.

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