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The Oka Crisis - In 1990, village of Oka, Quebec wanted to expand their golf course into the Mohawk territory, this caused violence between the Quebec police and Mohawk’s, the land was later turned over to the Mohawk’s after 2 months of conflict (pg: 35) - During the Oka crisis, 70% Canadians believed that the government broke the treaty rights of the Aboriginals (pg: 35) - After the Oka crisis, many Canadians sympathized with the Aboriginal people’s struggle and in 1991, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney set up a royal commission (pg:35) - The commission of the Oka crisis summarized that the policy direction followed for more than 150 years has been wrong. Also for Canadians to view Aboriginal people “as nations with a right to govern themselves…show more content…
The Aboriginals were well satisfied by this move (pg: 50) - Prime Minister Stephan Harper said to the House of Commons that the schools were a “sad chapter” in Canadian history (pg: 50) - Stephan Harper also said “The government now recognizes that the consequences of the Indian residential schools policy were profoundly negative and that this policy has had a lasting and damaging impact on Aboriginal culture, heritage, and language.” (pg: 50) - The Quebec Native Woman questioned the apology’s value and wanted the government to correct the issues Aboriginals continue to face (pg: 50) The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Voices - The Prime Minister set up a royal commission in 1991 for the Aboriginals. The goal of the royal commission was to find out how to have a fair and honourable relationship between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of Canada (pg:…show more content…
- In 2000, the government of Prime Minister Jean Chretien passed the Clarity, which allowed all Aboriginals to be part any future separation referendum (pg: 53) - During the Meech Lake Accord; package of constitution, Aboriginal groups like Assembly of First Nations (AFN) wanted to be treated the same as Quebec if it achieved the distinct status (pg: 52) - In 1992, Brian Mulroney consulted various conferences to help Quebec come into the constitution (pg: 52) - In 1992, the Charlottetown Accord was introduced and was based from the Meech but with more issues addressed (pg: 52) o Aboriginal people got the right to self-government o An elected senate with seats reserved for Aboriginal people The North - Nunavut was created in 1999 to recognize the people of the North (pg:

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