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4.8.1 Total Fatty Matter After 2 weeks of curing stage, measurement of total fatty matter was done by dissolving 10 g of final product of soybean waste based formulations in 150 mL of distilled water. The mixture were heated and stirred to obtained complete homogenous mixture. 20 mL of 15% H2SO4 was added while heating until clear solution was obtained. Fatty acids on surface of the resulting solution was solidified by adding 7 g of bees wax and reheated. The heating was continued until the waxes melted. The set up was allowed to cool and form cake. Cake was removed and blotted to dry by using cheese cloth. The dried soap cake was weighed and the total fatty matter was calculated by using Equation 3.1: Total fatty matter = (3.1) Where; A = Weight of bees wax + oil X = Weight of bees wax W = Weight of the soap samples Achievement Table 6: Total fatty matter of the okara soap formulation, as compared to the commercial soap Characteristic Okara soap Commercial soap Total fatty matter (%) 88 ± 0.02 74±0.01 Total fatty matter (TFM) measures the quality of the soap. The total fatty matter of soybean waste based formulations was found to be 88 % ± 0.02 which is higher than the required specification in some countries. According to studies by (Kuntom & Kifli, 1998), the required specification (%) of TFM in Malaysian Palm based soap is 83-86 %,…show more content…
The lather stability of the formulations was determined by dissolving 8 g of soap samples in 16 mL of distilled water. The mixture was warmed to dissolve the soap. The soap solution A was obtained. Then, 1 mL of solution A added to 3 mL of distilled water in each screw cap test tube. The process was repeated for each soap solution in different test tubes. The mouth of the test tubes were closed and shaken vigorously with equal forcer for 1 minute. The timer was set immediately, the rate of disappearance of 5 mm of froth was

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