Oklahoma City Bombing Research Paper

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Oklahoma City Bombing “On April 19th, 1995 one of the worst bombings happened on American soil.” Two ex Military Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh were planning a terrorist attack in Oklahoma City.(History.com) They had set diesel fuel and bombs in a truck in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building by pillars.(JamestownPublisher) McVeigh was angry at the U.S. government with citizens and politics. Nichols and McVeigh had planned this for a few months. When the bomb went off it ended up killing 168 people and about 16 children in the school nearby.(Abc news) The building was taken down in seconds because they had set it up right next to the pillars so the building would collapse faster. When the bomb went off it destroyed about 300 more buildings!! Days after the explosion McVeigh had been stopped for running a stop light and later figured out that he did the bombing and was sentenced to death.(History.com)McVeigh was turned in that moment when he got stopped. Terry Nichols was sentenced for help plan the bombing and get the bombs. He was also sentenced for knowing about it and not telling anyone. They both were sentenced to death by their causes. Later on after the rebel was picked up Oklahoma put together a memorial for all the people that died during the bombing. They left part of the building that was in the bombing to show how bad the walls were blew up and all the rods blown everywhere.(History.com)Along with the memorial they had a museum that shows the toys of the kids and the phones and just all of the rubble that was left. (Abc News)Going through…show more content…
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