Oklahoma City Schools Case Summary

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a. What happened? Sarah Adams-Cornell and Jacqueline Holder, Chair Person of Parental Invovolment of Oklahoma City Schools, addressed McLoud to change their mascot name due to the negative effect it might have on their Native American Students. Mcloud acknowledged the issue and after seeing support from the local community and a local native american tribe, it was decided that would keep the name the Redskins. b. What was the ruling/decesion? The ruling or the decision was that the name would not change, the name had been the McLoud name for many generations. The town and community fully supported the issue of keeping the name, and with the backing of the native tribe in the area they were able to keep the name. c. Were there legal issues present? If so, how?…show more content…
The case was handled at the school board level thus no legal action was necessary or needed. The case was handled at a level that no legal advice or counsel was needed in this case. If proceeded to that of a higher level then yes, it would been needed. d. Were there any culture, race, or gender present? If so, how? The issue that was hand was a race issue. The reason that this was a race issue because the term ‘Redksin’ is a degatory slur for Native Americans. As a sports mascot it should be something that is not degatory towards any race. 2. Explain what you would do as a sport management professional, if this situation applied to you or a player/member in your organization? A. Who would you involve in this process? As the SMP I would involve the community, the student body, the faculty, and any local Native American tribes. B. What action would you
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