Oklahoma City Thunder Research Paper

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As usual, hear me out and read what I have to say before you react. Go into this with an open mind and relax. Ok, now let me explain. The Oklahoma City Thunder will go down in history as the organization that ruined a team filled with three rising superstars in their prime. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden are all MVP candidates this season and somehow they all ended up on the same team. Prior to the Demarcus Cousins trade, this could be looked at as one of the dumbest decisions a front office has made in years. Five years after choosing to secure Serge Ibaka instead of Harden, did the Thunder make the right decision? I believe so. In the way the game is played today, it 's easy to say the Thunder was stupid for ridding of one of the best scorers in the league. Today, teams like the Warriors are revolutionizing the way the game is played, as they have popularized the "small ball" play we see a lot today. The Warriors allow Draymond Green to play center standing at 6 '7", which causes them to lose size, but gives an advantage in speed and…show more content…
What was a key issue for the Oklahoma City Thunder last year? Either Russell Westbrook or Kevin a Durant would hold the ball for the entire shot clock, basically taking turns playing iso ball. When on the court at the same time, in certain moments it looked liked they were confused as to whose turn it was to score. As we saw from Harden in his previous seasons in Houston, he 's a player that needs to have the ball in his hands. To have three elite scorers who at their best each need the ball in their hands, it simply wouldn 't have worked. Westbrook would barely pass to Durant when they played together and you think he would pass up even more opportunities for Harden? Remember, Harden was a sixth man on that roster and they only offered him a four-year deal around $55 million dollars. If the three of them couldn 't play at the same time, you actually think that management would pay him max dollars to come off
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