Oklahoma City Thunder Summary

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This article is titled, Durrant Leads thunder pass trailblazers 106 to 90. The thunder is a professional basketball team that is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The article states that they have a strong offense in the dominant defense. This is one of the reasons why the sender has had the longest winning streak in the league. A basketball player named Kevin durant scored 26 points against the trailblazers leaving the final score 106 to 90.

There were other players that also scored quite a few points. Dion waiters who scored 18 points and Enes Kanter who scored 12 points. The thunder were able to rest four of their starters during the entire fourth quarter. They could do this because their defense was consistent and the scoring was balanced. AcCording to the article The Oklahoma City thunder have won 17 and lost 8 this season.
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The Portland trailblazers have won 11 games and lost 16 this season. Two of this teams main players who scored were CJ McCollum who scored 24 points and Damien Lillian 's who scored 20 points. Taranta mentioned that Lillijard had been missing shots because of the great defense by the thunder. Layard was not able to score 9 times that he tried in the second half of the game. The thunders win can be contributed to the fact that they controlled most of that first half of the game, had a strong defense and 's scored 42% of the
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