Oklahoma Geography

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By Aneesh Nattuva
You are looking at the wild armadillos, coyotes, rabbits, otters, and maybe even a black bear at the fields of growing grass. But then all of a sudden you see the state’s animal, the big and bulky bison! The bison that you are looking at is not alone. Along with that bison, another bison appears, then another, and another, until a whole herd appears. You then see the leader of all the bison. The leader stands straight and tall, showing every animal that he is the boss. Bison weigh around 800 and 2000 pounds and stand 6 feet tall. The geography as well as the history of Oklahoma is very interesting. One of the main reasons people come to Oklahoma is because of all the wildlife.

Geography The geography of Oklahoma
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The most famous ones are really interesting. One of them is the state bird, the Scissor Tailed fly-catcher. Another famous animal is the state animal, bison or the American Buffalo.The Scissor Tailed fly-catcher is called the Scissor Tailed fly-catcher because of its tail. It’s tail is shaped like scissors. The Scissor Tailed fly-catcher often sits on fences. Along with those amazing animals there are also endangered species. For example two endangered species are the red cocked woodpecker and the whooping crane. Both of these animals habitats were being destroyed, but now Oklahoma’s park rangers are keeping them safe.There are also a lot of plants in Oklahoma. One of the plant is the state wildflower, the Indian Blanket. The state plant is also very interesting. The state plant is the eastern redbud. When someone looks at it from far away, it looks like a pink tree but really it is a tree filled with beautiful pink flowers. These plants were both very beautiful but there are a lot of natural disasters that destroy these plants.
There are a lot of natural disasters in Oklahoma. One of the natural disasters are tornadoes. Since Oklahoma is in the heart of tornado alley, Oklahoma gets hit by tornadoes very often. On may 3rd 1999 a continuous amount of tornadoes hit Oklahoma. This was called the Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak, Oklahoma got hit by 74 tornadoes in 21 hours! Along with the outrageous tornadoes, there are also a lot of droughts at summer time. The longest drought was during the dust bowl. The dust bowl was kind of like a dust storm. A dust storm is when wind blows a lot of dust in the air and is very
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