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SUMMARY In 2000 Oklahoma National Bank was founded with $11 million in capital but the bank has developed over $ 127 million in asset thanks to strong organizational culture and the bank’s ability to maintain high asset quality. However, there were some important factors that affect negatively bank industry. The first one is to over spend household and business debt levels. The expenses of household and business caused debt rapidly increasing. The second is fierce competition in banking enforced business strategies in order to hold loan growth and encounter funding need. Third is that shocking news from financial market instability affected negatively the economy and the banking system. In these years, while so many financial services company…show more content…
They always tried to provide customers more unique services rather than other financial institutions. In addition, they claimed that one of the most important factors in success is high quality that requires well-priced and the other one is to understand their customers financial needs. They have tried to solve customers’ loan problems by providing tailor repayments programs to each customer. Moreover, there is a strong relationship between life culture and religion beliefs since they give a big importance on opening all meeting with a prayer in line with the God in their culture. Besides, the building of a fun organization with excellent links in terms of the quality and time of relationship-big, small, close, long-lasting bond so as to meet customer’s requirements and expectations is another significant value for them, thus link building is one of the main ingredients in Oklahoma National Bank’s risk mitigation strategy. In terms of market dynamics, it has chosen one of the most accomplishment economic regions in Oklahoma and so, it has some big competitors in that region. One of them is Bank of Oklahoma which has a multi-bank holding company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Corporate banking, consumer banking, mortgage banking and trust services are main operations of…show more content…
NetTeller online banking system 7. Creative solutions for customer needs Weaknesses 1. It is fixed on Tulsa Opportunities 1. There is an improvement in industry earnings 2. Not much consolidation has been made in the banking industry. The banks had left no choice for consumers. This is an opportunity for the banks like Oklahoma National Bank to provide special services to local customers. 3. Slow economic growth lead the management team to focus on more profitable areas. They are trying to develop more performing loans, cutting costs and nonperforming loans. 4. Focus on non-interest income has been increased. This lead to a more profitable way by offsetting declining net interest margins. Threats 1. Intense competition lead the banks to look for strong and new business strategies. 2. The banking system is risky because it is sensitive to unforeseen shocks from financial market instability. 3. Spending of households and businesses is growing more than their income. So the debt ratio is increasing. 4. There is rising provisions for loan losses.

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