Oklahoma Red River Research Paper

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Oklahoma lots of history with different ways of life with their history and their different foods. Oklahoma has a long narrow strip in the northwest it is called the panhandle it goes on for one hundred sixity seven miles the distance width of the state thirty four miles. The red river is very important for Oklahoma the history of the red river is that it runs through the southern border with Texas using it as trade.

The food they have in Oklahoma might be different from you eat. The Oklahoman 's eat food like barbecued meats, chicken fried steak, and fried okra pickled cucumber, and pie-pecan pie and other foods.

The animals in Oklahoma are quite different too the state bird is a scissor-tailed Flycatcher. Oklahoma scissor-tailed flycatcher it has a long forked tail when they are grown it can be about 14
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Then they would move to were their game went. When they were doing all that the learned how to plant crops corn beans, and squash. They lived near waterways then they became farmers they stared with other people neighboring groups. Leaders lived in the center of the village early Native Americans some follow their game and some just started were they were the all had different languages clothing customs their homes. Nomadic Indians moved from places to places nomadic family’s would build a house that would move very easily that could withstand any type of weather.

The Wichita Indians lived in deep river valleys instead of say wichita they call themselves the Kitakits which means tattooed eyelids it one of their traditions. The men tattooed lines on their eyelids and women tattooed their chins. They used corn to make porridge one of their foods. Their homes were domed shaped the used the grass thatch and carefully woven around framework of poles they had to keep their home
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