Oklahoma State Senate Rhetorical Analysis

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An Open Letter To The Oklahoma State Senate: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!? Seriously? For the first time in my life you have me ashamed to be an Oklahoman. Here we are in the middle of the worst budget crisis in the history of the state since the Great Depression, and what are you doing? Passing bills to outlaw abortion in Oklahoma. Meanwhile the citizens of Oklahoma are suffering from a reduction in state services. The safety net of medical care for the elderly and disabled is eroding. State agencies are letting people go left and right. Schools are underfunded causing Oklahoma students to suffer from overcrowded classrooms and a reduction in the quality of education they are receiving. Even higher education is suffering in its ability to provide…show more content…
That life does begin at conception. Do you know what women were doing to obtain abortions in this nation before Roe vs. Wade? They were going in to back alleys and garbage dumps to have a medical procedure done by unskilled and untrained butchers. Did you ever see one of the illegal abortion clinics prior to Roe vs. Wade? I have. It was while in college just prior to the passage of Roe vs. Wade. We found one in a flooded basement, full of mold, mildew, filth, human feces floating on the stagnant water. As we were trying to clean up this sickening mess, we found an abortion kit that had been used in an illegal abortion less than two weeks before our discovery. Another human being had received a complex medical procedure there in the middle of that sewer. This is what you want to return too? How inhuman can you be? Jesus came to set an example for us to follow. Is there anyway possible to show the compassion that Jesus showed you and me, by forcing some scared, confused child into that filth? Making abortions illegal will not stop abortions from being performed any more than prohibition kept people drinking. We need to keep medical procedures in hospitals under the hands of skilled physicians where they

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