Okonkwo Eulogy Analysis

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Eulogy for Okonkwo by Nowye this whole eulogy stuff bs and i don't know why we are doing this haha.a. When my father Okonkwo died, inside i felt despair and anger. With him being my father i obviously was very saddened to find out that he had hung himself. Though i am very saddened about our loss of Okonkwo i am sickened by the way he passed, He knew committing suicide in our town is very much against what we believe in here at Umuofia. Okonkwo knew this before he took his own life, which does not make much sense to me because he wanted to become leader of the clan for a very long time, but then took his life in such a dishonorable way. Look down below if you find this stuff it’s golden, later. Okonkwo was a very strong and hard working man,…show more content…
When the clan elders decided that Ikemefuna was going to have to be killed he was very saddened even though he didn’t show it. Okonkwo took in Ikemefuna in not knowing how long he was going to stay with us, Ikemefuna stayed with us for 3 years nobody thought he would be with us for that long. With him staying with us for that long he molded into our family, he became my “brother” and Okonkwo’s “second son”. Seeing them bond over the those three years i know for a fact that he must have been heart broken, but tried not to show that he was weak to the clan elders or the towns people. This took so long dude, and i got rolled by my mom last night haha. As much as he was devastated by decision the clan elders made with Ikemefuna, he didn’t want to show anyone that he was weakened by this choice of Ikemefuna to die. The elders to him that he didn’t have to be apart of killing Ikemefuna, but he declined and went with the others to kill him. He did this because he wanted to show everyone that he could lead the clan and that he would make any decisions by emotion. AKA he didn’t want to be called a pussy. That's the ending boy I better get an a on this. Okonkwo was a great person to look up to, he wanted everything best for me. We didn’t agree on somethings but only because he wanted me to be safe and have a good future for myself. Word
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