Okonkwo Handling Power Analysis

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The Peaks and Valleys of Handling Power A man who strives for power won’t stop until he earns it. This statement fits Okonkwo, the protagonist of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe without any question. In this novel, the author outlines the struggles in the daily lives of the members in an African tribe. Among the clan, there is one character, Okonkwo, who stands out for his desire to become one of the most important men in Umuofia. Okonkwo’s journey to gain power over his tribe meets challenges with his fearful side and a tragic end which together convey the image of a power hungry individual living in a prideful community. Okonkwo’s journey towards a prosperous life springs from his desire to be unlike his father. During his childhood, Okonkwo suffered every time he saw people begging for his father to return their money back. Because of that, Okonkwo makes a promise to become a hardworking and trustworthy man. To fulfill his dream, he starts by achieving greatness through wrestling. The moment he defeats Amalinze the Cat, who used to be an undefeated warrior up until then, is the moment Okonkwo’s fame starts increasing exponentially (3). Accordingly, that battle is what helps clansmen realize that Okonkwo is not made from the same cloth as his father, Unoka. In comparison to Unoka, who had nothing but debts, the protagonist is a focused warrior who desires to live a superior life: “[Okonkwo’s] life had been ruled by a great passion-to become one of the lords of the
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