Okonkwo Hero Analysis

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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a hero is a person who is “admired for achievements and noble qualities”, or “one who shows great courage” (Hero). Above all else, a hero is compassionate and humble. Heroism is defined by what is in a person’s heart, not how many yams he can sow. Okonkwo shows great strength as a wrestler but falls short when it comes to compassion and humility and therefore can not be called a hero. Okonkwo was raised by his father Unoka who never earned any titles. Unoka was a sensitive man who never relished at the thought of war, but found joy in playing his flute. Unoka did not have the greatest luck when it came to farming, this caused him to end up in a lot of debt that he couldn’t pay back. Unlike his father, Okonkwo had no problem with the idea of war. Okonkwo grew up resenting his father for not being stronger and more masculine. Okonkwo is constantly fearing that he will end up a failure like his father. This fear has caused him to abandon the emotions that make him seem weak like pain, sadness, love and acceptance. He …show more content…

He does not know how to relate to other people. He regularly beats his wives and children for not living up to his expectations of them. Nwoye,Okonkwo’s son, is much like what Unoka was in Okonkwo’s eyes, both are lazy and incompetent. Okonkwo is convinced that constantly beating him will make him stronger, but he is only driving his son away further. All Nwoye has ever wanted is his father’s acceptance and approval. Nwoye tries to act more manly and less like a child, but even that will not stop the beatings. Okonkwo’s wives have learned over the years to stay out of Okonkwo’s way, but sometimes they slip up. When one is being reprimanded, the others try to talk some sense into Okonkwo but they know that if they get too close he will beat them as

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