Okonkwo Tragic Hero Analysis

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The post colonial novel, "Things fall apart" by Chinua Achebe depicts its protagonist Okonkwo as great person who falls into the world of chaos to find his own place through his strength and achievements. Okonkwo in few parts of novel touches the traces of epic hero while in other parts touches the tragic hero characteristics. However Okonkwo 's suicide in the end turns the table to reader to view him through different lens than epic hero or tragic hero. According to Aristotle in his poetics, the tragic hero is an intermediate person who is filled with tragic flaw(hubris /hamartia) (Butcher, 2000). It is due to his hubris or hamartia , he commits a crime. He then undergoes through pain and suffering and learns a fundamental truth of life. In short , tragic hero is a person who makes error in his jugdement which leads to downfall of himself in end (Aristotle,n.a) and ends usually with death of protagonist with evocation of pity and fear among the reader. However, Okonkwo does have few traits of tragic hero. He is intermediate person as he is person who is not virtuous or bad. He is good at heart though he cannot express or show his feeling as he think it is a traits of female. That becomes his tragic flaw. His hubris is his excessive fear for falling into the category feminine or weakness. He never want to assiociate himself with his father Unoka or with his son Nwoye. Due to fear of being related to feminine and weakness, Okonkwo was always filled with anger which was
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