Okonkwo's Fate In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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In the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, it showed that Okonkwo was always struggled throughout his life. Okonkwo’s strong personality is what led to his fate. First, Okonkwo’s harsh childhood started to led him towards his fate. Next, Okonkwo was selfish and took the highest titles and wanted to be at the top of his clan. Then, he was always worried about everything around him, which also led him to his fate. After, another characteristic that led to Okonkwo’s fate was how he was always self-centered; everything had to go his way. Finally, the last reason that led to his fate was Okonkwo’s lack of acceptance; he could not take on something new. His fate all starts with his harsh childhood. The first reason that led to Okonkwo 's fate was that he struggled throughout his entire childhood. Unoka, who is Okonkwo’s father, was a failure. His wife and children did not have enough foods to eat and he owed almost every villager money (Achebe, 5). Life was hard for Okonkwo because Unoka was a lazy father who did not bother to think about his future. Okonkwo was not able to focus on other events because he was busy trying to feed and support his family. Okonkwo did not start his life as everybody else did (Achebe, 16). He had to work extra hard to get his barn and wealth because Okonkwo did not have anything to inherit from Unoka. Since Unoka was an unsuccessful person, Okonkwo made up his mind that he would never grow up to be like his father. He disliked everything Unoka

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