Okonkwo's Hatred In Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart is a novel written by Chinua Achebe. In the novel there is a main character called Okonkwo. He lived in Umuofia where he was also known throughout many of the nine villages around Umuofia. In the beginning of the story we see his overwhelming hatred towards his father Unoka. His father died about ten years ago and had not taken any title and was very much in debt. Unoka was described as lazy, improvident and not capable of thinking about tomorrow. From this Okonkwo was ashamed of his father and strives to be nothing like him. Okonkwo’s hatred towards his father has hardened his heart and has made him incapable of being a person of compassion and understanding throughout the novel. His hatred for his father has made him fear failure and weakness throughout the story. His fear of failure has brought him to his downfall. Okonkwo strives to be everything but his father. This is clear from the very beginning when it says, “He had no…show more content…
The hatred that he had for his father he carried with him throughout his whole life. That hatred turned into him killing Ikemefuna and the messenger. Ikemefuna was thought of as a son and he killed him in fear of being considered weak in front of his clan members. That weakness was thought of his weakness which was considered a failure. At the end of the story Okonkwo ends up being just like his father which is ironic because he strived to be nothing like him. The fear Okonkwo has from failing becomes his greatest downfall right to the end of his life. He became everything he didn’t want to become in the first place. If Okonkwo forgave his father from the beginning then things would have gone much differently. If he wouldn’t have been so cruel, harsh, warlike, and he would have been someone admired, strong, and courageous throughout the clan. The character of Okonkwo shows us that forgiveness or un-forgiveness can haunt you till the
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