Okonkwo's Impulsive Actions

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Throughout this novel “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, the protagonist, mostly referred to as “Okonkwo” is very impulsive. The protagonist sometimes cannot control his thought process and thus would lead to effects and sufferings to others. Okonkwo is very impulsive. He acts before he thinks. As a result of this, his actions would come in place and effects others. In the book, “Things Fall Apart” Okonkwo’s impulsive actions are demonstrated through the killing of his son Ikemefuna and the beating of his second wife Ekwelfi. One day the oldest an of the tribe asked Okonkwo to a private talk. Ikemefuna must be sacrificed as part of the retribution for the woman killed three years before in Mbaino. Okonkwo was advised to not participate or interfere with the killing of Ikemefuna because …show more content…

After discover that someone destroyed his banana tree, Okonkwo was furious and suppressed anger and displeasure. Leaves have been cut off from his tree to wrap food. Afterwards, his second wife, Ekwelfi, admits to taking the leaves. Okonwko enraged and starts beating Ekwelfi. Okonkwo beats her severely with motive and anger. Then he went and grabbed his hunting gun and threatens his wife with his gun. Ekwelfi responded and mumbles about his gun. She mumbled about how he isn 't skilled with his gun and mumbles about his “guns that never shot.” Okonkwo then grabs his gun, and aims it at her, and pulls the trigger. Okonkwo is very impulsive. In the book, the author describers Okonkwo as a violent, masculine man who will confront anything that stands in its way. Okonkwo is a very helpful and friendly man. He always works on his yam farm to help and support his family. But his friendly personalities doesn 't translate to his thought process. Okonkwo is impulsive, he doesn 't think before he act. As a result of this the people surrounding him are effected

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