Okonkwo's Segregation

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The narrator tells the readers how Okonkwo 's life in the beginning was. Since his father was ill-fated,lazy, irresponsible, and has a bad reputation, Okonkwo did not inherit anything. He did not inherit neither a barn,nor a title, nor a young wife. The narrator tells us that when he talks about Unoka 's Oracle visit. The priestess told Unoka that he is having bad harvest due to his being lethargic. He has to work hard like the other men in the village and not sacrifice a goat for his harvest to he has a bad personal god , or chi. So instead, he had to make his own reputation. For that, he worked for Nwakibie. He makes amiable offerings to Nwakibie such as kola-nut, palm-wine, and an alligator pepper but asks for a
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