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Olaudah Equiano and William Wilberforce
From 1807 in Britain to 1865 in the United States the process and finalization of the abolishing of slavery began with Olaudah Equiano and William Wilberforce.
Born in Igbo land, also known as Southeastern Nigeria, in 1745 Olaudah Equiano had no idea that his future would be filled with separation from his family, being bought and sold, and forced labor. Olaudah Equiano was around 12 years old when he was kidnapped and sold into slavery he first arrived in England from Igbo land. Part of that time he stayed at Blackheath in London with the Guerin family, relatives of Captain Pascal who bought Equiano, where at this point he learned to was read and write. Equiano then had to be put on the middle passage on a slave ship to the New World, which was the western hemisphere, after he was shipped from Barbados. This isn’t the only traveling he did. In 1763 which Equiano was approximately 18, he was sold by Captain Pascal to Captain James Duran and taken to Montserrat in the Caribbean Islands. He was then sold to the island's most primary merchant, Robert King. Because slavery
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He travelled a lot. To the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Arctic as he attempted to reach the North Pole. When returning to London, he came into contact with an anti-slavery campaigner, Granville Sharp when Equiano had heard his friend, John Annis, a former African American cook and a freed slave, was kidnapped by John’s former owner. Equiano and Sharp tried to save Annis but didn’t make it.
In 1775 Equiano travelled to the Caribbean and to set up a new plantation society on the coast of Central America. Equiano did everything to create a comfortable condition of the enslaved people that was brought to work on the plantation. Because at one point Equiano was badly mistreated. A slave trader tried to enslave him, but Equiano managed to escape in a
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