Olaudah Equiano Slavery

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While reading The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano, many questions arose in my head. I wanted to further my knowledge on multiple topics. The topic that stuck out to me the most was how the treatment of slaves differed throughout the book depending on their location. I analyzed the book into further detail on this topic. From Africa to England, Equiano experienced and observed many different treatment forms. The treatment differed due to a variety of customs and cultures. Olaudah Equiano started slavery in Africa, his homeplace. His experience here was one for the better. In Africa, it was skeptical to hangout in the neighborhoods due to slave kidnappers. As stated in The interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano, “Generally when the grown people in the neighbourhood were gone far in the fields to labour, the children assembled together in some of the neighbours' premises to play; and commonly some of us used to get up a tree to look out for any assailant, or kidnapper, that might come upon us; for they sometimes took those opportunities of our parents' absence to attack and carry off as many as they could seize” (Equiano, Chapter II). This goes to show how easy it was for slaves to be captured and taken away in Africa. Typically, slaves in Africa…show more content…
Different cultures and customs play a big part in this. I also believe that the treatment of slaves depended on the type of work needing to be done. If it was a large plantation they were more brutal to their slaves being as more work needed to be done. If it was just small amounts of work such as England and Africa, they were much kinder. From analyzing The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano, I evaluated that North America and the slave ships treated slaves the worst. England and Africa had the best forms of treatment for African American’s. Although it may differ depending on the slave, I analyzed this from Olaudah Equiano’s
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