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Olay: Unpaid Media Brand positioning statement & total brand budget: Refer to exhibit 1 for brand positioning statement of Olay’s bath and shower category. And refer to exhibit 2 for total brand budget of Olay’s campaign. Strategy Statements for each Category: Public Relations – By sponsoring the Mudderella Toronto event, Olay will encourage millennial women to take pride in their athletic bodies. The justification behind this experiential event is for Olay to build top of mind awareness in the minds of younger women, who based on primary consumer insights, are unable to separate Olay skincare from bath and shower products. [i]. Messages will include images of athletic women, who are enjoying the obstacles and are not afraid to get dirty. This initiative will grant Olay bath and shower products unpaid media attention because it will be stepping beyond promoting just the delicate side of femininity.…show more content…
Also, when there are no other promotions happening, Olay will encourage women of all ages, not just technology savvy millennials, to (virtually) join the discussion regarding what makes them “best beautiful”, and how even an invigorating shower can not only give them supple and healthy skin, but also help them take on what the day holds. Since social media has made it easy for people to follow their celebrity icons, it ultimately promotes unattainable lifestyles, body shapes, and materialism. Olay should instead use this brand-driven channel to generate consumer content, spread positivity and empowerment. The goal here is to increase brand awareness of Olay, and make the brand more engaging. Messages should include empowering stories and celebratory daily rituals and routines (i.e. a refreshing shower). Attention must be paid on not glamourizing the

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