Old Age Group Case Study

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10. medications found to work well in younger persons may not work in the older age group? Give at least three reasons why. Majority of the elderlies have more than one medical disorders. Most common ones are high blood pressure, diabetic, or Arthritis. Aiming to cure particular disease may lead to another health problem. Age related changes. The elder you become the more sensitive you tend to become. E.g. treatment that are use to lower blood pleasure often tend to work intensely on older people which then leads to verity of sides effect. 11. Name 4 medications used in the older person age group. Identify its indications and any adverse reactions or comments that are of high importance to know. Dabigatran helps prevent/maintain formation…show more content…
Statistically consuming more than 250 micrograms of Digoxin a day can potentially cause toxicity. 125 micrograms a day should be the maximum. In further adduce, the following medication hypothetically do cause confusion, dizziness and/or blurry vision and constipation. Moreover, they are initial to excusive bleeding, and most likely can lower your blood sodium level. In this case, it is very vital that assistants take medication into account, pre read prescriptions on the package, ensure it is the right client and the medication and certainty never hesitate to ask question or call for a helping hand once you are irresolute of the following task. (Patient.2016) 12. Identify what services your local council/neighborhood center provide to the older person in your local area. Find at least 5 services and provide a brief description on each. Is researching this information is important? Why or Why not? Awards and Grants community program aids the elderly to undertake activities that can strengthen their mobility. Program enhance community to participate which therefore helps the elderly to migo with a range of different ages and

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