Old Age Should Burn And Rage At Close Of Day Poem Analysis

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The speaker uses the poem to accept the idea that his father is sick and dying. Death is something that we all have to face one day. The author stresses this idea through using imagery,repetition, and rhyme schemes. The imagery and repetition stresses a sense of urgency and it helps broaden the main idea. I think that the author is trying to tell people to fight death along with trying to deal with his father 's illness. As Dylan points out “Old age should burn and rage at close of day” (Paragraph 1). He uses these words to emphasize his idea that the elderly should fight death. The author uses a lot of imagery to express his feelings about death. It seems like the author dislikes death but the poem gives you sense of fighting. This story makes life seem like its worth fighting for and that you should fight no matter what the circumstances are. The author uses this poem for words of encouragement to let people know that life itself is meaningful and to not just give up. The words “good men” and “wise men” were used to describe the lives of those who didn 't give up. They knew that life was something worth fighting for and they fought as long as they could. He uses different men to stress his importance of how important it is to resist the idea of dying. The author uses “light” to symbolize life and “good night” to symbolize death. The author makes it seem as if death isn 't a bad thing and that it is inevitable but we have to fight against it. He uses the word “rage” to

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