Old And Uyermatsu Poem Analysis

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Comparison of Olds’s and Uyermatsu’s Poems The literature has many examples of poems that do express the direct moo at the first sights. The Rite of passage by Sharon Olds and Deliberate by Amy Uyermatsu are in this list. The first poem describes the Birthday party of a small boy who should be about six or seven years old. Second work speaks about the growth of female representatives of ethnic minorities, as lines about the makeup and high heels suggest characters are girls. However, deeper reading shows authors gave gloomy mood to their works. This idea is supported by such poetic devices as dictionary, metaphors and similes. While both works are examples of a blank verse, it does not look like authors used rhymes, rhythm or other such methods…show more content…
All guests are first-graders, but the author shows they act like adult men. Olds even does not call them children, they are “short men, men in first grade” (l. 3). The author compared guests with small bankers, which shows their surprising maturity. It could be created by their holiday suits, but Olds highlights the impression is also created by children’s behavior. Little guests easily speak about the violence. While lines like “I could beat you up, a seven says to a six” (Olds, l. 12-13) are an example of a common dialogue for this age group, following words of the host fuel concerns. “We could easily kill a two-year-old” (Olds l. 22), it is strange to hear words about the infanticide from a first-grader and understand the boy believe this action is easy. The word “beat” would be less violent, but the author used “kill”. This contrast between thoughts and appearance of the character is highlighted by metaphors used to describe the boy. “Freckles like specks of nutmeg… [and] long hands cool and thin as the day they guided him out of me” (Olds l. 16, 18-20), these lines show the mother still see her son as a small, infant child. This image creates a contrast with the comparison with generals and understanding children were calmed by the host’s words and continued to celebrate. The mood of the poem is gloomy or at least fraught as it shows the vulnerability
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