'Old Ben And Fox Hunt': A Literary Analysis

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In the stories “Old Ben” by Jesse Stuart and “Fox Hunt” by Lensey Namioka flashback and foreshadowing are used as narrative structure. “Old Ben” is about how a boy and his family make friends with an unusual animal a bull snake. “Fox Hunt” is about how a Andy has to take exams. Then make friends with a girl how help him study and, they both turns out to be a spirit fox. In these stories the elements flashback and foreshadowing in similar and different way. The authors use foreshadowing to build suspense in both stories. “Old Ben” build suspense when the Dad says “the only good snake is a bad snake”. “Fox Hunt” builds suspense when Lee appears out of nowhere. Both of the stories also use foreshadowing to reveal something about the characters. Foreshadowing reveals that a relationship will be made. “Old Ben” used foreshadowing to show friendship by the snake pulling his head. “Fox Hunt” used to foreshadowing when it says that Lee will collect her reward one day. The Authors both use a flashback to show that the character had past relationship unusually animals. In “Old Ben” the narrator talks how the boy had lots of pets before a groundhog, crows, and hawks.…show more content…
The narrator in “Old Ben” could get pet where fox hunt a fox would not help you study. They also use flashback different, because they had a different kind of relations with animals. In “Old Ben” he had a friendly pet relationship. Where in “Fox Hunt”. The Authors use foreshadowing differently when they build suspense. In “Old Ben” it uses suspense when they talk about the boys pet getting ate by hogs. Then in “Fox Hunt” it builds suspense by Andy dreaming that he's a fox. They also use it differently by how the story ends. In “Old Ben” ends with a death, and “Fox Hunt” ends with a new friendship that leads to a
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