A Blow In The Dark Analysis

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I am going to write about two pieces of written work, describing their similarities and differences. The first one is "Old Ben". It is a farmland story showing "Old Ben", an unusually friendly snake, finding a new life with a young farmer. The young man was warm and very much fond of the snake despite the snake's appearance. He lived on the farm with the fellow, but Old Ben (the snake) disappeared, unknown at the end of the story. The second story is "A Glow in the Dark". It was quite an unnerving narrative; however, it had an amusing end. The story was set in harsh, cold lands, and the narrator was dog-sledding when he came across a particular beam of light. This light reminded him of ghosts. Yet, he found himself facing a scientific issue regarding the light. It was from a glowing stump, which is related to phosphorus. Now, I would like to end this short summary of my chosen stories and continue to point out the likenesses between them and what sets them apart. The first similarity that brings them together is nature. Both stories include nature as a trait. In "Old Ben", the main character is a snake. Snakes are animals, and they are part of nature. Unfortunately, they have a bad reputation due to their scary presence. For example, "Dad said the…show more content…
Everyone knows a story has secret codes that only deep-readers understand. In "Old Ben" the story stated that, "…the big fellow didn't show any fight…" (Stuart, 88). This unmistakably means that there was something perplexing about "Old Ben". He could be affected with his brain and his senses, hinting that there was something scientific in the background of his story. As for ''A Glow in the Dark", the ending indicated that the stump is glowing because of phosphorus. This is a plain clue: "I found out later that it glowed because it had sucked phosphorus from the ground up into the wood and held the light from day all night." (Paulsen,
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