Old Boy Film Analysis

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“To sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.” This quote shows us that when you harm other people, you will be damaged more than you did to other people. This quote is also good to explain about the one idea, revenge. Recently, while I was looking for revenge movies, I watched the movie, Old Boy, and its remake. The original version of Old Boy was directed by Korean Director, Chan Uk Park, so I could easily be attractive to this movie as I am Korean before I watched this movie. After I watched the original version of Old Boy, I heard that there is Hollywood remake version of this movie which was directed by Spike Lee. Since I have been a big fan of Hollywood, I was completely curious about how this Korean Movie could change into Hollywood version. After I watched the remake version, I could realize that there are several differences between the original version and the remake.
First, there are several differences in the plot of these two movies. In the original version of Old Boy, the protagonist, whose name is Oh Dae Soo, is imprisoned for 15 years without any reason at the very first scene. After he is released from prison, he goes to the sea restaurant to eat living octopuses. At this scene, people can recognize that the protagonist badly wants to take revenge and to find the reason why he is imprisoned for 15 years. In the remake version, the protagonist who acts Oh Dae Soo, is also imprisoned for more than 15 years. However, after he is extricated from prison, there is no
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