Old-Earth Secular Hypothesis

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Introduction How old is the earth we live on? There are two points I will cover in this paper; Nebular Hypothesis, otherwise known as Old-Earth Secular View and Six Day Creation, also known as Young-Earth View. There is a lot of difference between these two views that I will discuss throughout this paper. Old-Earth Secular View The view I chose for the old-earth secular view is nebular hypothesis. Nebular Hypothesis is the most widely used theory of how the world became. Most scientists believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. The theory of nebular hypothesis says that our solar system consisted of a giant cloud of gas and dust then collapsed. Factors such as heat and pressure caused a big ball and formed a “protoplanetary disc”. …show more content…

The old-earth view thinks that the universe was created before the earth and is far older the young-earth view which believes that God created the universe and earth simultaneously. Old-earth view doesn’t believe that there is a higher being that created it. They believe that things formed over time due to heat, pressure, and other factors. Young-earth scientists believe that there is a higher being and that would be our Heavenly Father. Time is a big factor between these two views. One view believes it took billions of years for this to appear and the other believes that it happened in a matter of days. Another big difference between these two were how our solar system came into existence. Old-earth view believes that everything was created from gas and dust and spinning out of control to create our solar system. Young-earth believes that a Being, also known as God spoke everything into creation. God created our solar system from nothing where nebular hypothesis there needed to be something to create from. Conclusion How old is the earth we live on? Well hopefully whoever reads this will have a better understanding on the two comparison of Nebular Hypothesis (Old-earth secular view) and Six-Day Creation (Young-earth view). One will never know truly how old the earth is because none of us lived during the time of creation of this solar

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