Old Farmhouse Research Paper

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The Conjuring is based on what is believed to be a true story as told through the files of paranormal investigators. The Perron family hired the Warrens to investigate the scary happenings in the house. Deaths at the Farmhouse The earliest picture of the Arnold farmhouse dates back to 1885. Since the Arnolds built the home, at least ten people have died there. The Arnolds owned the home through eight generations of their family. According to the Black Book of Burrillville, which stands as the town 's public record of that time, there were at least ten deaths. There were two hanging suicides inside the home, a poison suicide, two drownings and four men who froze. One young girl died after being raped and murdered, but her death is reported in another city, even though she was an Arnold. Bathsheba Sherman reportedly killed all of her children before they reached their…show more content…
Bathsheba was charged with manslaughter but there was no evidence to convict her so the charges were dropped. The townsfolk believed her to be guilty and rumors circulated that she was a witch sacrificing children to stay beautiful. When she died in 1885, the coroner states that her body "mysteriously turned to stone." Incidents, and Who Haunts the Old Farmhouse? The Perrons reported many unexplained incidents in the farmhouse. On the first day, the realtor didn 't disclose any issues with hauntings, but they are not required to reveal paranormal happenings. He did tell the father to leave the lights on at night. Three of the children saw a man watching them as they unpacked. The family heard voices on many occasions. They often heard voices saying over and over "There are seven dead soldiers buried in your wall." A young girl was seen repeatedly. She would walk around crying for her mother. One of the five Perron daughters, Donna, had a Raggedy Ann doll that she received in 1970. The doll would move on its own and write notes to the young girl. That doll is on display in the Warren 's
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