Old Hank: A Short Story

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One day whenever I was outside tossing rocks at a kitten on the fence across from me these two men pulled up in a buggy. The bigger man offered me some candy to get into the cart with them. I thought that I could have some fun so I hurled a piece of brick at him and caught him in his eye. After a while they drove me up to a cave overlooking Summit. It was so much fun to play Indians with Mr. Bill or "Old Hank". We had supper of bacon, bread, and gravy, and I told them that they were to be scalped and burned. I woke up in the middle of the night by myself and got ready to scalp Old Hank. Right as I had gotten the knife to cut his hair off with he awoke and began screaming bloody murder! His screams caused Sam to wake up and scold me because I was playing so literally. The next day Mr. Bill hit me for no good reason and so I smashed a potato on his back and told him that I would smash his head with big rock that I had found. But, before I could Sam got in the way and stopped me so I went outside and started to get my little surprise for Old Hank. As soon as I was ready I turned around and started to yell, holler, whoop, chant, and…show more content…
So now I 'm trying to be on my best behavior so I can stay. As I was riding Old Hank to the stockade, I guess I did something wrong because he sure got all flustered. WHAT!?!?! He 's taking me home, but I don 't want to go home. I 'll just have bite, claw, scratch, hit, and kick my way out of his grasp. After he through me down the road, I followed him back all the way back to the cave where I scared the daylights out of him. That night Snake-eye and Old Hank told me that i had to go home. Whenever we got to my home my father was expecting me but I held onto Bill 's leg so I didn 't have to go. But my father got me off and on into the night they ran
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