Old Hollywood Movies Research Paper

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Actors in Film rarely have control over what they were acting in many Hollywood movies, because actors have the least amount of creative input. Most actors play the role they are assigned, which the mostly white studio executives choose these assignments, and this makes it difficult to know whether or not actors have subverted their stereotypes. This is not just the case for Old Hollywood actor, since many actors today face the same obstacle. According to Latino Images in film, there is a “disappearing act” involved with the perception of actors. This “disappearing act” is how the actors’ decisions on their roles affect how they are seen, for example the actor disappears into the charter and the other way around. In Latino Images in Film, the…show more content…
Though she started acting in silent melodrama, she eventually switched to comedies. Velez was considered an early 1930s sex goddess, much like Mae West, and push sexual boundaries for women of color. Her comic roles are different from the female clown stereotype, because she steals the show for her comic abilities and is dressed fashionably instead of stereotypical. Even Though jokes came from the stereotypical elements, but she is corrected for language mistakes instead of ridiculed and in the Mexican Spitfire movies all the characters do silly things. Also, in the movie Mexican Spitfire’s Blessed Event her character slices the problem, which makes her the heroine of the story. Gilbert Roland was a well-respected actor starting out as a matinee idol during the late 1920s to the 1930s. Roland fought stereotypes by standing out on screen. He did this with his graceful poster and outfits. Roland’s clothes were not stereotypical and his trademark outfits always stood out on camera. The closest stereotype he played was a Latin Lover, but his what separates his character in The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) the stereotype is that the character wasn’t “a love them and leave them
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